Choosing the right property to qualify for your investment in residency or citizenship in Cyprus requires expert advice. Not only the right type of property in order to qualify but the necessary payment terms, location, minimisation of taxes, rental yield, capital growth and not least of all, legal aspects.

La Vida is the leading pan European company for real estate investment leading to residency and citizenship, not only for Cyprus but countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain too.

Contact us today for full details on the Cyprus programme and our qualifying property portfolio.

4 thoughts on “Property

    • The property needs to be new. You do not need to live in the property. In fact you do not need to live in Cyprus in order to renew he residence permit. You can rent the property out either long term or as a short term holiday let. To retain the residency visa you need to visit the country once every two years but of course you can stay anywhere it does not need to be in the property.


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