Investors can gain permanent residency in Cyprus through investing €300,000 into real estate.

The investment must be into brand new property and can be in one or two properties. Parents of the main applicant and spouse and dependent children up to the age of 25 will also qualify allowing up to three generations through one main applicant.

The Cyprus residency investment programme requires just one visit every two years in order to maintain the residency permit. It offers ease of travel throughout Europe. Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and is due to join the EU Schengen visa free zone soon.

6 thoughts on “Residency

  1. Does the residency program give the holder a Schengen visa for Europe? Can I travel in the EU and can my family live in the country. We are 4 people, my wife plus two children 4+7.


    • Cyprus is not yet in the EU Schengen zone so the residency permit does not in itself allow freedom of travel within the EU Schengen zone. However Cyprus is a full member of the EU and as a resident (and not a passport holder), applying for a Schengen visa is quick and easy. (unlike from many home countries from where our clients originate and hence the problem of ease of travel). The citizenship scheme is a big step up however as this provides an EU passport allowing freedom of movement throughout the EU (not just Schengen) visa free.


    • Under the Permanent Residency Programme in Cyprus, one is allowed to establish a business but they are not eligible to work as an employee for other businesses. The Permanent Residency status will allow you travel to other countries in the EU but you would not be able to live or work in other EU countries until you have achieved full citizenship of Cyprus and a second passport. Under the Citizenship by Investment programme (€2.0 M), investors are eligible to live and work and travel anywhere they wish within the EU


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