The citizenship by investment program in Cyprus is the fastest route to European citizenship through investment in real estate. A second passport can be obtained within 3-6 months.

An investment of €2million into real estate will allow the applicant and their family to gain citizenship. Children up to age of 28 years old can be included under the one family application and for an additional €500,000 Grandparents can also be included, bringing the total investment up to €2.5million.

As Cyprus is a full member of the European Union such citizenship allows the applicant and qualifying family members to live, work or study anywhere in the European Union.

10 thoughts on “Citizenship

  1. We are a family with two children, 17 and 19. If we invest in the real estate will they also qualify for a passport and citizenship in Cyprus and will they be able to study in Europe?


    • If your children are dependent (and not married) yes they will qualify and gain citizenship. As Cypriot citizens and hence EU citizens then they are free to live, work, study anywhere in the European Union.


    • The investment is €5 million reduced to €2.5 million if it is submitted alongside at least another 4 applications (ie in a batch of at least 5). All of our submissions have so far been of this type known as a “collective”.


  2. I’m interested in Cyprus but while I hold the property there my key goal is citizenship and residency elsewhere in Europe, possibly Germany or the UK. This is key for me, so with a second passport from Cyprus how would this work?


    • If you follow the citizenship by investment option (minimum €2.5 million real estate investment) then you will gain citizenship of Cyprus within two months. Cyprus is a full European Union member. Any citizen of any EU country can live or work anywhere in the EU under “Freedom of Movement” one of the founding principles of the single market in the EU. So as a Cypriot citizen you can live in places such as Germany and the UK. (Note the UK is unique now because of Brexit and this may change when the UK exits in two years time. If it does opinion seems to suggest that anyone living in the UK now or perhaps pre Brexit will be allowed to remain. Although far from certain we suggest urgency if the UK is your goal).


  3. I am interested in citizenship of Cyprus. Does the investment have to be €2.5 million or can I gain citizenship through the residency programme and spend €300,000?


    • The citizenship programme requires €2.5 million investment into real estate and in return you will gain citizenship in just two months. It is possible through the residency programme after residing in Cyprus for 7 years. So the Permanent Residency programme in Cyprus should not be viewed as a citizenship route unless of course you will be living in Cyprus and you are happy to wait.


    • Yes, you can invest in land if you have a plan for development. So you cannot just hold it as an investment speculatively. Also you will need to hold a residential property of minimum €500,000.


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