Cyprus Citizenship Remains Strong

Mk4 - PafiliaExtra - A_3067The Cyprus citizenship by investment programme remains a firm favourite amongst high net worth individual’s worldwide.  With it passport power scoring highly and its simple and fast processing time, the Citizenship programme is often at the top of many investors lists when searching for a second passport programme. Not only does Cyprus offer a straightforward route to EU citizenship, the geographical location of the country is very appealing to many as it is conveniently position between Europe, Africa and the Middle East and often viewed as an ideal business hub between the three continents.

In terms of the Economy, the property market is steadily growing which is a strong reflection on how successful the Citizenship and Residency programmes have been, attracting large international investments into the country.

Back in 2011 Cyprus also discovered 2,000 billion cubic metres of natural gas reserves off shore which has significantly increased the countries credibility and will certainly help to boost the Islands economy further as this exciting prospect progresses in the future.  A large drilling operation for the natural gas began in July 2017 and will take place through to October 2017.

Not only is Cyprus part of the EU it is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Eurozone, United Nations, IMF and World bank. For more information on this programme, please do not hesitate to contact La Vida’s specialist consultants.

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